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Intuition: How to Tap Into, Use, & Strengthen Unconscious Awareness

by | Mar 2, 2023

The benefits of intuition

Intuition is an invaluable tool for problem-solving and decision-making.

It’s a term used to describe the ability to gain insight without relying on conscious reasoning.

It can help you identify solutions or outcomes that may not have been immediately obvious but are nevertheless correct.

Instead, intuition taps into your unconscious awareness, unlocking powerful knowledge and insights to inform successful decisions and actions.

So how do we tap into this inner wisdom?

The key is developing a solid connection with your body – paying attention to its signals and messages and processing information from conscious and unconscious sources.

By cultivating an active relationship with our physicality, we can learn to listen to our ‘gut feelings’ and access intuitive understanding.

We can also use techniques such as meditation and visualization to open up channels of communication between the conscious mind and deeper layers of intuition.

For example, meditation enhances mental clarity, while visualization helps us connect much more deeply with our inner sensations.

Furthermore, paying close attention to our dreams enables us to explore the realms of our subconscious mind, discovering valuable lessons buried deep within our minds.

Intuitive thought requires practice and patience; however, over time, its power can be harnessed for success in almost any situation or pursuit.

We can strengthen the intuitive pathways leading to meaningful answers by tapping into our unconscious awareness.

Tapping Into Your Inner-Most Wisdom

It’s human nature to overthink things—we let our past experiences, outside opinions, and emotions cloud our judgment.

But what if there was an effective way to tap into a deeper part of ourselves – our intuition – and use it to make more informed decisions?

Here are some worthwhile considerations:

Create Space for Pauses in Your Life

Getting caught up in the endless hustle and bustle of life is easy, but it’s essential to create space for pauses.

This can be anything from taking a few minutes each day for self-reflection or scheduling regular breaks throughout your workday.

Taking these moments of stillness will help minimize distractions so you can better focus on yourself and your needs.

Listen To Your Internal Cues

One way to tap into your intuition is by listening closely to internal cues such as body language, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

For example, pay attention to how specific scenarios make you feel from a physiological standpoint—do you feel tense when thinking about them?

Conversely, do they make you feel at ease?

These feelings are our body’s way of telling us which path we should take.

Visualize All Possible Outcomes

Another method is visualizing possible outcomes before making a decision.

Take time to imagine different scenarios and how you could be impacted in the end.

This exercise can help clarify what decision will provide the most favorable outcome for you in the long run.

 • • • 

When faced with a difficult decision, one often suffers from stress-filled nights wondering what could have been if they had listened to their gut instinct.

While relying solely on logic when making decisions can be helpful in some scenarios, taking the time to listen inwardly and tap into your intuition can yield your most desired results.

Creating space for pauses in your life, listening to internal cues such as body language, and visualizing possible outcomes of scenarios are great tools for tapping into your inner guidance system when faced with challenging or life-altering decisions.

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Using Your Newfound Intuition

Life can be full of difficult choices, and it’s often hard to tell which will facilitate the best outcome.

We try our best to make informed decisions, but sometimes our heads and hearts are at odds.

Your intuition is the gut feeling that tells you what you should do in any given situation.

Using your intuition effectively requires a thorough understanding of how it works and how to heed it properly.

The Brain vs the Heart vs The Gut

When we are faced with a tough decision, the brain tends to rationalize avoiding bad outcomes.

We have an innate desire for safety and security, so our brains will naturally try to steer us away from potential risks.

On the other hand, our heart wants us to take risks to grow and reach our potential.

We often categorize problems into two sides—this or that—with no middle ground.

It’s crucial not to ignore what your gut and heart tell you; instead, try listening carefully and considering both perspectives before deciding.

How to Really Use Your Intuition

Using your intuition starts with listening to your head and carefully evaluating your options.

Make a list of everything that is within and outside your control, consider the pros and cons of each option, etc.

You should also take a deep breath and clear your mind to listen more closely to your heart’s desires.

Practicing love and gratitude while repeating affirmations can help you become more aware of how your heart influences your decisions and what makes you happy in life.

Once you’ve accounted for all your options, listen closely for messages from your gut—it may be telling you what choice you ultimately need to make.

• • • 

Decision making can be challenging when we feel like we are being pulled in different directions by both logic (head) and emotion (heart).

Using intuition can help ease this tension by allowing us access to our deepest desires—which aren’t always easy to recognize or explain logically.

By following the steps outlined above—evaluating all options carefully, practicing love and gratitude while repeating affirmations, clearing the mind while taking deep breaths etc.—you will soon be able better distinguish between logic-based decisions versus those driven by emotion or instinctive feelings from within yourself.

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Five Effective Ways to Fortify Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition and access to it, but only some know how to tap into it.

Our intuition is a powerful tool to help us make decisions, solve problems, and explore our subconscious mind.

Intuition can also help us gain clarity in difficult situations and create more meaningful relationships.

Here, we will outline five highly effective ways to fortify your intuition so you can use it more effectively.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and connect with your inner self.

It allows you to focus on your breath and the present moment, which enables you to access the deeper parts of yourself.

In addition, regular meditation makes you more aware of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choices.

This awareness helps strengthen your connection with yourself and sharpen your intuition.

2. Paying Attention To Messages from Your Dreams

Your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind; they often contain messages that can provide insight into what’s happening inside you.

Paying attention to these messages can help you better understand yourself on a deeper level and learn how to trust your intuition more effectively.

3. Tap Into Your Creative Side

Creativity helps engage both the left side (logic) and right side (creative) of the brain.

When we engage both sides simultaneously, we open ourselves up to new possibilities that may not have been available.

Getting creative helps us think outside the box and connect with our inner wisdom in ways that aren’t always possible when relying solely on logic or facts.

4. Take A Break From Your Everyday Routine

Sometimes taking a break from our routine is necessary for us to listen more closely to our internal voice; this includes taking time for ourselves or engaging in activities that are out of our comfort zone.

Moreover, taking breaks gives us perspective on things we may never have considered before, which can lead us down paths we never knew were there.

This can be very eye-opening when tapping into our intuition and developing solutions for complex problems or situations.

5. Start Breathwork

Breathwork is an excellent way to center ourselves and gain clarity about what’s going on inside; when practiced regularly, it helps develop mindfulness, leading to greater self-awareness that opens up space for us to listen more closely to our inner voice/intuition.

Additionally, breathwork has many physical benefits, such as improved energy levels and mental clarity, which can be invaluable when accessing our intuitive side.


Our intuition is a powerful tool that can help us make decisions, solve problems, and explore our subconscious mind.

By following the steps outlined above and engaging in activities such as meditation, paying attention to messages from our dreams, getting creative, taking breaks from our everyday routine, and starting breathwork, we are better able to access our inner wisdom and discern between logic-based decisions versus those driven by emotion or instinctive feelings.

This can help us make informed decisions and live a more intuitive and meaningful life.

The key to fortifying your intuition is being mindful of the inner guidance that comes from within and learning how to trust it.

With regular practice, you can unlock the power of your intuition and better access its wisdom.

Of course, change is never easy – but taking the time to strengthen this connection can be a powerful and rewarding experience.


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